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AOK Longhorn Ranch

When we started the Aokay RV Park in 2011, we needed something to cut the grass around the park and pond area. Larry, an Industrial Electrician was working in Texas when he saw a Texas Longhorn steer. He thought it would make a great pasture ornament and it would be better than having goats or small Craftsman lawnmower to take care of the grass. In other words, Larry got bit by the Longhorn bug.

In 2015, we started our small herd of Texas Longhorns. We learned about the Texas Longhorn history and breed. We discovered that Longhorns are an American Icon as much as the Buffalo, Mustangs, White Tail Deer, Bald Eagle, and Cougars. We have come to admire and appreciate these unique animals for their colors, horn structure, maternal strengths, agility, ability to adapt, herd family interaction, and usefulness as a working farm/rodeo animal. Not only are we proud to own these beautiful creatures, but we also love our Longhorns.

As our herd grew, we learned more about the benefits of Naturally Lean Grass Fed Beef with no hormones. The Natural Lean Beef came with the benefits of lower cholesterol, lower fat content, fewer calories, and natural vitamins such as omega 3. On the west side of the Mississippi, mainly in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Utah, people are very much aware of the advantages of Longhorn beef. We hope the word continues to spread across the east side of the Mississippi. We sell local home grown natural lean grass-fed Longhorn meat. Just ask us “Where‘s the beef?”, and we’ll be sure to show you what is for sale.

At first, we tried to separate the cows from our RV Park visitors, however we weren’t the only ones that enjoyed the cows. As our walking four legged lawnmowers continued to eat grass around the pond and RV park, the spectators continued to grow. Visitors and regulars enjoyed the quiet, peaceful side of watching cows, taking a stroll around the pond, and relaxing at the Aokay RV Park. I guess there is a little bit of a Hillbilly bone in everybody. Some of our guests were able to get a history lesson of the Texas Longhorns and a personal safari tour of the cows. One of the highlights of taking the tour, is seeing our FIFTY-FIFTY BCB set of twin cows—Naomi and Two Too Minnie- both with over 90 inches of horns. Visitors would leave with a smile on their face and the memory of capturing a photo of these colorful longhorn beauties and the bragging right of seeing them in person. Thus, the Aokay Longhorn Ranch and Aokay Rv Park became a couple. So, if you visit the Aokay RV Park and you ask us about our Longhorns, be prepared, because we love to talk about our Longhorns and possibly if you’ve got the time, we will take you on a tour of our cows.

The Aokay Rv Park is continuously growing, improving, and changing to better serve our customers. We are always wanting to help travelers enjoy their outdoor experience. The same can be said about our Aokay Longhorn herd. We assist in helping new owners or ranchers wanting to own and breed Texas Longhorns. So, if you decide you want a Texas Longhorn, come see us and we will see if we can satisfy that Longhorn itch and become an owner of these special and awesome creatures. Currently our herd bloodline includes M.C. Hanging Tuff, 401K, Fifty-Fifty BCB, Cowboy Catchit Chex, Shenanigan, Aok Hangin’ High, Riverforks Taylor-maid, Riverforks Barbra Jean, Riverforks Re-tell, Dunn It Over, Drag Iron, HHF Chisum, JP Rio Grande and more. With each breeding season, we continue to improve our herd genetics for beef, brood stock, show cows, trophy steers, and pasture ornaments.

We are located on the south side of Dothan, AL. Close to town yet far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are a family owned and operated business and ranch. If your travels take you down south bring your RV, stop in for a spell, stay the night, get some fresh Longhorn meat for a cookout, take a walk about the pond, enjoy the quietness of countryside and pleasure of seeing TEXAS LONGHORN COWS. Be warned- We LOVE to talk about our Cows.